Sunday, 1 July 2012


Hello and welcome to my blog! I am Charlotte Cloud, and I have been engaged for around three years (! :O I think it's been official for 2 yrs now). I figured it was just about time to create my very own wedding blog. My wonderful fiance and I have started seriously planning our wedding and have set a provisional date (!). We are both extremely excited at throwing the best party we will ever be likely to attend. 

Amongst our sheer gooey-cheesy-slushy joy at the concept of making our commitment to each other official, we're full of some more complex thoughts and feelings. Ideas constantly clatter around our skulls, crashing untidily into other ideas to create a big, beautiful, colourful mess. We have yet to discount any idea so we dilligently write down each and every brainwave, discussing in detail until the next time I turn to him wild-eyed and say, "I was thinking...".  We have mentally committed to a few ideas. We are fortunate enough to have some amazingly talented friends who can help us by providing their services for little or no cost, so we've allocated jobs. Holly will be the vidiographer, Martin will carve the meat, James will be the DJ etc etc. We've also mentally committed to a ceremony venue and a service type. I'm hoping that having such firm ideas so early on won't be one of those little naiveties that one lives to regret. So far I'm finding that a wedding reception in the area we've chosen will not be cheap. But hey, this is a time for positivity! I am determined to have a beautiful wedding full of colour and joy and ruined castles for around the £5000.00 mark. I hope I can do it, or at least work my arse off to finance the wedding of our dreams!

I will use this blog to track our progress, vent, gloat and otherwise document anything to do with our "big event". I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I will enjoy blogging. 

Much love, 

Charlotte x

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